Tuesday, February 26, 2008

McCain Rebukes Cunningham

What the hell is John McCain doing?????? Ok lets get closer to the conservative base by attacking one of the more influential conservatives in Southern Ohio. I am a huge Willie fan and this makes me ill. If McCain keeps this up he will go down in history along with other great Republican candidates like Bob Dole. Concentrate on getting the conservative voters out to the polls for the presidential election, among other things. What he isnt getting is that its not just about him. We need conservatives to come out to vote for other people and issues. And this crap doesnt cut it. Apologizing!!!!!!! Come on grow a set. Read the article here.

UPDATE - MATT'S CHAT: Nice move, Maverick, instead of having the Portman endorsement be the story of the day -- and that MIGHT actually have helped Maverick down here -- the 527 will spend a TON of ink giving Bill Cunningham a spotlight... NICE MOVE!!!
Look, Willie was asked by McCain's campaign to give the folks some real red meat, to stir the crowd. And then they are shocked SHOCKED I tell you, that he did just that? Come on now...I want to know, did McCain hire some rejects from the self important Blackwell campaign to run his Ohio operation? Come on now. If you tell a guy like Cunningham to give some red meat, he is going to serve it up raw and juicy.

And, thanks for showing some courage and leadership, Sen. Milquetoast McCain. Good lord, he didn't say "Barack 'saddam' Hussein Obama. He used Barry's parent given middle name. I am sick and tired of there being this invisible force field around the empty suit. McCain is falling prey and proving his conservative critics right who say he doesn't have the umption and the cajones to be in this campaign. Makes me wonder if the New York Times and the liberal elite don't have a McCain testicle lock box.

And besides that, you had a real legitimate conservative endorsement, Rob Portman, and you squander it by making an issue out of some radio host? Nice use of the media, Moron!

Sen. McCain, when you are down by 20 points to Barry Hussein Obama and finally go on the attack, you will be repudiated because you opened the door to this type of nonsense by repudiating Cunningham for using the man's given name. Idiot!

3/3/08 UPDATE: MATT'S CHAT -- I can see that I have to explain to our liberal friends that the issue is about McCain throwing conservatives under a bus and not whether or not Willie used Barack Hussein Obama's full name.

First of all, if you've ever listened to Willie, you know that this is part of his schtick...if he knows your full name, he is going to call you by it.

Second, if Barry is so upset that people might "think" he's Muslim (he's not, by the way...) or Arabic (he is "more" Arab than African, by the way) or Martian (his ideas ARE out of this world -- what few ideas he actually has) because of the name his parents chose for him, why doesn't he change it? Is he ashamed of his name and heritage?

Lastly, we don't need Barry's middle name in order to win. John Sidney McCain will do just fine out-liberalling this guy while showing off real Commander-in-Chief credentials at the same time.