Thursday, May 27, 2004


From the TIB Sickbed:

Misunderestimated is the newest book by White House Correspondent Bill Sammon. It details the Bush Presidency after 9/11, and through March 20,2004. Mr. Sammon has unprecedented access and takes us inside some of the amazing historical events during President Bush's watch, including the secret Air Force One trip to Baghdad on Thanksgiving, and the moves to go to war with Iraq. It is an outstanding read and provides a very fair look at the Bush Administration, with key interviews and quotes from the major players.

What is really interesting, is the indictment of the Press by Sammon, one of their own, for lying and refusing to admit their lies about both the Afghan War and the Iraq War. Mr. Sammon gives specific examples of the media wanting to "sex up" stories and then blaming the Bush Admin. when the media lies were revealed to be untrue. Case in point-Jessica Lynch. It was a pair of uberfeminist reporters who created the super GI Jane image of Lynch, not the Pentagon. Why? Because they wanted to support women in combat, so they erroneously reported that Lynch was firing machine guns and gritting teeth while being wounded. When Lynch's own story did not go with this falsehood, did the reporters admit their mistake? Nope, they claimed the Bush Admin was using Lynch as a hero for goodwill for the war! Huh? The Bush Admin poo-pooed all the uber-Lynch stories. Yet, the press refuses to take the blame. This book is an outstanding read, not only for taking you inside the White House during key events, but also the true story about how the Press has lied about this war for its own agenda from one of their own. I would suggest to Matt to put it on our favorites list and maybe highlight it with a picture. Now I will go back to my convalescence.


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