Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Book Review: Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man

By Matt Hurley for the TIB Network:

This book is the ultimate resource for refuting the lies of Michael Moore. It is not the bomb-throwing tome the title might suggest. In addition to original work, the book is a collection of essays by some of the best and brightest the blogosphere and the media has to offer including Andrew Sullivan, Tim Blair, Kay Hymowitz from City Journal, Anthony Zoubek, and a Peter Ross Range piece from Blueprint.

The authors are David T. Hardy from Moore Exposed and Jason Clarke from Moore Lies. You would expect some irreverent jabs, and you won't be disappointed; but you will not got baseless charges. These guys have done their homework on Mikey. Like a team of prosecuters, they lay out the case against Mr. Moore. They illustrate Michael Moore's penchant for distorting the truth with creative editing and a twisted worldview that drives his creative process. Whether it is Roger & Me or Dude, Where's My Country? or any of the material in between, these guys have the goods on the reality that Michael Moore failed to capture (or managed to edit out).

It is important to note that this book was put together prior to the release of Farenheit 9/11. Yet the authors manage to predict what they expected based upon Moore's previous work. And by all accounts, their prediction was pretty accurate.
Moore has the tendency to "recycle" his work, so the authors contended that Mikey would use portions of Dude and Stupid White Men as his material.
In addition to being dishonest, Mikey is now becoming quite predictable.

The book was well written. The chapters are short enough that there are plenty of good stopping points for leisurely reading and the language is quite plain. If you've not seen the cover art, you are missing something.

Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man receives the WMD Seal of Approval and my personal recommendation.

John Kerry Delenda Est!