Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Rewriting History

From Mark via the TIB Network

Rewriting History is the title of the newest book written by Dick Morris, former political adviser and pollster for the Clinton Administration. In this book, Morris takes aim at the "edited" biography of Mrs. Clinton that she wrote called Living History. Morris asserts that it is basically an exercise in phoniness, reinvention, and subterfuge.

In this book, Morris looks at how Hillary's REAL past and her decisions can be viewed to provide us with a picture of how she would act as President, and the view is not so good. Morris lays some mighty hefty charges at Hillary, and provides the insider information needed to back them up, as well. His basic assertion is that Hillary is at a key precipice, where she could become either a Bobby Kennedy-someone who looked at themselves and their shortcomings and grew; or a Richard Nixon-someone who insulated themselves and whose shortcomings became paranoia and destroyed them. According to Morris, the prospects are not very good, especially since her 'soul-searching' memoir is nothing more than a whitewash of the true Hillary, an expansion of the HILLARY! brand, as Dick calls it.

Here are a few tidbits from Morris's time with the Clintons and his investigations:

1. Hillary made up a story shortly after 9/11 which she aired on the Today show: she claimed Chelsea (the daughter) was jogging just a short distance from Ground Zero and only survived the bombing when she ran into a church for protection. THE TRUTH: Chelsea herself would dispute her mother's on the record story, saying in a magazine that she was blocks away, and saw the story on television, not as a live witness. Why would someone be so heartless as to try to take political advantage by playing the concerned mother card with such an event as 9/11?

2. Hillary helped float a rumor to discredit President Bush the first, even as she knew about Clinton's dalliances in affairs. She circulated a rumor about the elder Bush and a diplomat in Europe.

3. Hillary in fact did circumvent finance law by directly appealing for gifts for the Clintons shortly before she declared candidacy for the Senate, and in fact looted packages meant for the White House, not the Clintons, stealing hosts of silverware, china, and artwork.

These are just some of the charges Morris discusses in the book. He also deconstructs the mythological suffering, wounded, victim Hillary with the Shrill conniver of hate and enemies listing that she is known for.

Morris takes apart the HILLARY brand and shows the true insecure, paranoid, idealogue that would take America into the toilet if she won office.

This book is a must read for those who want to know the real former first lady, the real political hack that is Hillary Rodham Clinton, a changeling who will reinvent her look and ancillary positions in the name of grabbing power. It is a must read for those who want to stop this power hungry vulture from succeeding in duping the American people.