Sunday, January 09, 2005

Book Review: BLOG by Hugh Hewitt

By Matt for the TIB Network:

Hugh Hewitt’s latest book, “BLOG: Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World” is a fascinating look in to the world of the BLOGosphere. Aimed at senior and mid-level management-types, BLOG provides a brief historical overview of the BLOGosphere, it’s influence, and potential impact on the future. Hewitt does so through an analogy connecting the BLOGosphere with the Protestant Reformation of Martin Luther. There is one problem with this analogy (and forgive me, I am no longer able to find the BLOGger who originally pointed this out – so I am unable to link to them – if it’s you, drop me a line): the Catholic Church still exists and thrives to this day. This doesn’t destroy Hewitt’s argument, but rather illustrates exactly what the mainstream media (MSM) must do in order to survive the onslaught of the BLOG swarm: take a good hard look at itself and make some changes that will benefit journalism and the consumers of their products.

The book is laid out in three parts with appendices. In “What Happened?” we are provided with a history of the BLOGosphere including the “four founding myths” of the BLOGosphere: the Trent Lott demotion story, the Howell Raines resignation story, John Kerry’s “Christmas NOT in Cambodia” story, and Dan Rather’s fake memos story. From the “What Is Happening Right Now And Why” section we are treated to a guided tour of the MSM’s meltdown. The “Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes – What’s an Executive to Do?” portion, Hewitt pitches BLOGs and BLOGgers to the business community at large. The appendices provide Hewitt’s previous columns on BLOGs, BLOGging, and the BLOGosphere.

The book will have the most impact amongst the following groups of people:

  • Friends of BLOGgers – the book will help the friend of a BLOGger to understand the obsession.

  • Employers of BLOGgers – the book encourages employers to harness the potential.

  • Internet Novices – the book is a great guide to sites and something of a “how-to” to get involved.

  • BLOGgers – the book gives the BLOGger a myriad of tips and things to think about.

  • BLOG was a great read and the material was sufficiently interesting to grab your attention and hold on to it. I read the book in two days and loved it. I highly recommend BLOG to all my readers, friends, and family.

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