Monday, February 01, 2010

Did ORP Really Call Cops on Tea Partiers?

My sources say yes.

Where is Mr. "I was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party" Kasich stand on this? Calling the cops because the backroom deal got exposed...nice! When the time comes, and believe me it is coming, there is a whole lot of folks who are going to be able to say that they didn't leave the republican Party, the Republican Party left them behind.

And when that day comes, there will be a whole bunch of people in Columbus who will claim they never saw it coming. But I want to go on record RIGHT NOW saying that I -- and several others -- warned them. They CHOSE not to listen.

This isn't about electing Republicans over Democrats. It is about electing the right people for the right job. That is something that Mr. Yost used to talk about quite a bit. And that is something that Chairman DeWine was supposed to do according to his Leading Ohio plan that got flushed down the memory hole.

State Central Committee folks, I am still waiting for an answer to my very simple question. If Dave Yost is good enough for an endorsement for Auditor, why wasn't he good enough for Attorney General? If, as kevin deWine is quoted as saying, Dave Yost has more management experience than all of the GOP slate combined, why was Dave Yost shafted for attorney General?

We want answers...and y'all had better start coming with better ones than the cheap cliches we've been hearing so far. "People care about who runs for Auditor once every ten years." Really? That's the best you people got?

Ohioans want to vote for a slate they believe in, not the same old same old lame politicians like Mike DeWine and Jon Husted. They want to see real people and fresh blood have a shot at fixing this state since the clowns political class has so completely and thoroughly screwed the pooch.

Once again, Ohio is being failed by its political elite. The Ohio Republican Party is bound and determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Those of us in the grassroots continue to be amazed at how deaf and blind those in Columbus are to what the rank and file voter wants to see and hear.

Did the Ohio Republican Party call the cops on their base tonight? My sources say yes... ORP Peeps, what say you? I can be reached at know, that address where you STILL don't send press releases after all these years.