Monday, April 19, 2010

Kevin DeWine Is At It Again

In his latest "Leadership Update" email, The Chairman says this:
Finally, I've seen and heard a lot of ridiculous accusations lately about the role of the Ohio Republican Party in this primary election. Understandably, much of it is motivated by the heightened emotions of political primaries and too often spread with little to no accountability through email, blogs, and social media sites. Unfortunately, most of it is flat out false, and it's typically generated by people who find the truth just too inconvenient for their agenda. I want you to know you can always contact my office or email me directly if you want answers to any rumor or accusation about something we're doing. This election is too important to let "noise" distract us from the real goal of winning in November.
Mr. Chairman, I've told you this MANY times, but I'll repeat it again: If you have a problem with something that appears on this blog, you can feel free to write in just like everybody else.

The only "noise" I hear is coming from you and your fraternity up in Columbus. The facts are quite clear: You sent out a mailer claiming that folks were endorsed who in fact weren't. Now you and the boys can fall all over yourselves making up new excuses and telling all the ridiculous stories you like, but the facts are the facts.

Nice to see that you failed to mention that the complaint against you and the Ohio Republican Party was found to have cause on these issues. Doesn't sound like we have the credibility issues at all, Mr. Chairman.

EXIT QUESTION: Kevin, do you want us to vote Republican or not? I can't really tell...