Monday, May 17, 2010

Hallett Wrong About Strickland's Responsibility on Jobs

In a piece about how negative the race for governor is going to be, Joe Hallett makes a terrible blunder taht simply must not be ignored.  He writes, "Although Strickland is no more responsible for the loss of 427,000 jobs during his tenure than Kasich is for the collapse of the economy, it doesn't matter."

The error is that Strickland most certainly is responsible for the loss of 427,000 jobs since he took office.  This governor campaigned on the concept of Turn Around Ohio.  He insisted that he had a plan -- which he shared with NO ONE -- and that all we had to do was elect him and he would save us from all that ails us.

This governor is responsible for not decreasing the tax burden on businesses so that they could employ more Ohioans.  Strickland has played the fool on blunder after blunder virtually from Day One and there is no accountability whatsoever.

In contrast, there is absolutely no evidence at all that indicates that John Kasich had anything to do with the failure at Lehman Brothers or that he was in any way responsible for what Ohio Democrats are ridiculously calling the "Great" Recession.   But that doesn't stop them from pushing the smear job that the 527 Media in this state seem very willing to contribute to -- including Mr. Hallett.

This election ought to be about accountability and integrity.  On that score, John Kasich achieves a knockout.