Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Kasich Presser

Paraphrasing, of course...


Beth Hansen, Chief of Staff
Wayne Strubel, Policy Director
Tim Keene (sp?), Budget Director

On Education Funding:

We are 46th in putting dollars in the classroom and 9th in administrative overhead.  We need to figure out how to get more money in the classrooms.  And we need to get government to start operating like business.

On Evidence-Based Funding:

It is unfunded.  Kasich doesn't like.

On Teacher's Unions:

"I am looking forward to the teachers union to take out full-page ads apologizing for some of the things they said about me in this campaign."  (Good luck with that, John...I wouldn't hold your breath.)

On Slow-Speed Choo-Choo:

It is dead.  "Passenger rail is not in Ohio's future."

On Ohio Supreme Court Appointment:

Asked if he would ask Strickland to hold off on the opening (O'Connor's seat)...  "Would the Governor listen if I asked?"...(laughter)

ANALYSIS:  Pretty good exchange with reporters.  I am encouraged and excited to see what happens once he gets in to office.