Friday, May 28, 2004

Open Thread Friday

From the TIB Network:
Hey! We made it through another week! Congrats everybody!

I'm a little busy this morning, but should start the blogging routine shortly.

Have at it in the comments section... I'll update this post with the "Around the Blogosphere" stuff.

- Matt

9:00AM Update

Claudia Rosett has your UNSCAM update...the investigation is getting stalled. Again. And the danger level to those looking in to it is increasing.

Glenn points us to this TechCentralStation article about how Gen X missed out on cartoon violence and how it shows. This quote says it all:
"Super Friends," they called them, instead of the Justice League. The difference tells you everything you need to know about the seventies.
I know I feel cheated. Although this quote says a lot too:
Federal regulators, rather than nervous trial attorneys, wussified Saturday morning TV in the early seventies. Uncle Sam made our cartoons insipid, in the hope that a nice stiff dose of cultural chloroform would deaden our proto-male violent tendencies and transform us all into prissy poindexters who would eat our vegetables, sit still in our seats, and eventually vote for French-speaking politicians.
While we're on TCS, here's an article about Star Trek you might like.

Glenn must be right in front of me, because now he's recommending Lilek's today too...and so am I. Look out Glenn, I'm passing on the left...

10:00AM Update

Tim of Perry on Politics points out (with visual aids) more of John Kerry's arrogance. One of his commenters has an important point:
Shouldn't someone point out to the Senator that because he appointed himself President, the Constitution mandates that he must resign from the senate.
Kerry is dissing the electorate again...still...whatever... This country has ONE president and his name is BUSH.

DGCI has a fascinating post about a soldier that was killed after being captured by Iraqis from Jessica Lynch's group.