Tuesday, June 08, 2004

War on Terror Update: Alleged 3/11 Mastermind Nabbed

From al-Reuters:
Italy arrested an Egyptian man suspected of helping to plan the Madrid train bombings as police across Europe swooped on Islamic militants in coordinated anti-terror raids, officials said Tuesday.

Rabei Osman Sayed Ahmed, known as "Mohamed the Egyptian," was seized in Milan in a operation that Italian Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu said was aimed at a "dangerous group of terrorists close to al Qaeda" which had been planning more attacks.

Ahmed was one of at least 17 people arrested in coordinated operations in Italy, France, Belgium and Spain.

Matt's Chat

Message to the Partisan Mediatm: WE ARE STILL WINNING! History will remember the media as being on the wrong side of it...history that is.

Mark's Remarks

Remember, Americans, that the press and the libs said we could never defeat communism, that we would lose out...AND THEY WERE WRONG! Keep fighting the good fight....This is great news, and hey, our international partners (whom John Kerry has abused and maligned) are stepping up and doing a great job as well.....