Monday, July 19, 2004

Jack Iraq Update

By Matt Hurley for the TIB Network:

From Yahoo News (Singapore):
French President Jacques Chirac informed Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon he is not welcome in Paris after he urged all French Jews to leave the country immediately, Israeli television reported.

Chirac had written that "after some weeks of contacts concerning such a visit it turns out that it is impossible ... and you are not welcome following your comments," according to Channel 2 television.

An Israeli foreign ministry government spokesman refused to comment on "confidential messages."

Sharon sparked anger in Paris with a speech on Sunday in which he urged all French Jews to move immediately to Israel in order to escape what he called the "spread of the wildest anti-Semitism".

The French foreign office has described Sharon's comments as "unacceptable."

Matt's Chat

How on Earth will Sharon EVER be able to survive being banned from France! Every leader should be so lucky!

Jack Iraq can act as indignant as he likes, but the reality is that anti-semitism is on the rise in Europe. And last time I checked, France was in Europe.

I'm sure Jack will welcome the Mad Mullahs of Iran to France anytime, though. For Jack, its all about making money or dissing the United States. And it doesn't matter to Jack who gets hurt...just ask the folks dying in Sudan. Oh, that's right, they're dead.

John Kerry Delenda Est!