Friday, August 27, 2004


We made it a whole year!

And we have a ton of folks to thank. Blogger has been great; can't beat 'em when its FREE, man! Haloscan's comment and trackback systems have been fantastic! SiteMeter has been a valuable tool and a key to the EcoSystem.

We have to thank, our sponsor. Our partnership with Amazon has been gratifying as well. BlogAds was very easy to work with (and for the Blogaversary, we're running a special for our fellow bloggers, we'll run an one month ad for FREE on a first come/first served basis until the ad strip is filled - email me or leave a comment below for details). And lastly, CafePress has been absolutely wonderful. Check out the WMD Store and buy, buy, buy!

Special thanks to fellow bloggers and blogs who have sent us traffic over the year. Mahatma, Michael Demmons, Blogs for Bush, Moore Lies, KerryHaters, and Hugh Hewitt.

Lastly, and most importantly, the biggest thank you of all goes to the regular readers (Sean, Peter van P., Mahatma, Pat the Lurker/KerryHater, the Governor, Rob Bernard (fellow eCampaigner), Eric Totels (fellow eCampaigner), and Brian of the MVCA) and all the readers who drop in...

Personally, I have to thank Mark for giving this crazy idea a go and sticking with it through the best and worst of times. Also, Doug (who writes stuff down and is my co-blogger at Classic Brass); Otto, James, and the gang of SOC Entertainment for doing WMDtv; and all the folks who have been an inspiration: The NRO Corner gang, Tim Perry, Tyler at Red Line Rants, Michael King, Michelle Malkin...and the rest of the BlogRoll.

A note or two about the redesign: the original template, Minima Black, was designed by Douglas Bowman. I heavily modified the template. All the graphics (including the background) and text colors are mine, but the "frame" I built it all on is his. You'll notice that there are now two "comment" systems. What I'd like to see happen there is that we'll carry on the related discussions in the "discussion" (HaloScan's comment system) system and put all the non-related "stuff" in the "comments" (Blogger's comment system) system. At least until I can figure out how to get rid of the Blogger system and still get the HaloScan system to show up... Lastly, it looks best (and was designed for) in Internet Explorer at a display resolution greater than 800x600.

Anyway...I'm looking forward to YEAR TWO of WMD! Join us every day, won't you?


Apparently, we are sharing our blogaversary with InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds' birthday. Happy Birthday, Glenn!

John Kerry Delenda Est!