Thursday, August 26, 2004

Liberal Hamsters Love Splitting Hairs and Word Games....

By Mark for the TIB Network:

In my listening to television and radio, I am astounded at the levels to which liberals will split hairs and play word games to paint the Swift Boat controversy as George Bush's fault. Let's look at some issues:

1. The call for Bush to denounce the ads--DUH!!! He has already done that. In fact, he has denounced all 527s as being bad for the process....Look it up. He said it this past week in Texas. Where is Kerry's denunciation of 527s? Oh wait, he only denounces those which bash him, my bad!~

2. The notion that George Bush needs to publicly call for an end to the Swift Boat campaign-- Even if he did, it would make no difference, morons! John O'Neill, the author of Unfit for Command, and one of the Leaders of the Swifties said he would run the ads even if the President asked him to stop. So, kindly, please step away from the Cialis, Keopectate, and Calomine and shut up!

3. The issue of legalities--I have heard some say that Conservatives have a flimsy defense for Bush not calling the Swifties, namely the argument I made that this would constitute coordination and would violate the law. Liberals claim they just want Bush to denounce the commercials, well DUH! AGAIN--he already did! And I wish liberals would come to a consensus, because Max Cleland's letter specifically calls upon Bush to personally contact the Swifties, something which DOES INDEED violate the campaign finance/election laws. Something John Kerry has already done and has in fact, VIOLATED the law.

4. Lastly, the notion of free speech--if it is free speech for John Kerry to come home from the war and attack his fellow soldiers with stories now proven to be either made up or exaggerated and never repudiate or apologize, then it is free speech for the Swifties to speak out against John Kerry being President. If it is free speech to call a President Hitler and lie about the record, then it is free speech for the Swifties to air their ads. If it is free speech for rockers who don't even know their nation's history to defame a President, then it is free speech for the Swifties to speak out against John Kerry.

I laugh, not at 'superior intellect,' but rather at sad hypocrisy blindly parrotted by small people who simply cannot think beyond hatred.

I mean, really, come on...Vets cannot speak out but can? How can you justify the distinction? Oh wait, I know, one is for John Kerry and the other is not. That is not fairness; that is censorship and suppression. Sad that a philosophy touted for its openness cannot take an opposing view without threatening lawsuits and angry tantrums. I laugh at the childishness.

There, more liberal ad hominem and stupidity debunked.

This was Mark, thanks for reading.

John Kerry Delenda Est!