Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Russian Front Update: Some 'Chechans' are Arabs

From WorldNewsDaily:
While Russia marked its first of two official days of mourning, authorities said at least 10 of the 32 supposedly "Chechen" terrorists responsible for the school massacre that killed more than 400 people were actually Arab nationals.

The disclosure gives credence to suggestions that the attack was more than an operation by "separatists" involved in a regional struggle for a breakaway republic – it is part of the "global jihad" of Islamists vs. the West, Christianity and Judaism.

A statement on the Internet reportedly made by a group loyal to Osama bin Laden's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri backs Russian claims that international Islamic terrorist groups were involved in the school siege in Beslan.

In fact, analysts say Islamists with international goals infiltrated the Chechen movement between 1994 and 1996.

Matt's Chat

I'm not surprised by any of this information. The pieces fit the puzzle...is there any conclusive evidence here? Probably not. But with the War on Terror Militant Islam, how often is there conclusive proof.

Although Zawahiri's statement is about as damning as Osama bin Laden's statement claiming responsibility after 9/11. It is my belief that al Qaeda had a role in this terrorist act. This was not the work of 'militants' or 'rebels' but rather the doings of terrorists. And they don't care if you sent troops to Iraq or not. Big surprise there...


Reader Kevin points out this Dan Darling piece from Winds of Change which has related thoughts/discussion worthy of everyone's attention.

Thanks Kevin for the tip! This is a good one...

Mark's Remarks

Yes, this is about more than Iraq and oil. The fight against Islamist fundamentalism needs to be engaged by civilized nations. While Islam is a worthy and valid religion, the psychotic fundamentalist Wahabis must be eradicated. Their ilk are hateful, spewing perverters of Islam.

The Russians have learned that you cannot bargain with these creeps; and they have learned that perhaps they need to get on board the war for terror, especially considering that many of the terrorists were Arab. In fact, Mohammed Atta and several of the 9/11 hijackers were wanting to go to Chechnya before Osama told them no, attack America. So, Chechnya is a haven for terrorists. We have to engage them before they can attack OUR schools as they did Russia's.

That is what this is about. Pre-emptive strikes on the enemy, keeping their resources engaged in defense instead of offense. Of course, the Left will nuance this away and launch into histrionics of where are the weapons...9/11 taught us that in the right hands, box cutters are weapons of mass destruction....We have to keep these people at bay...We have to fight them, and at the same time extend the blessings of freedom, as freedom is the hope of the world and the inspiration for democracy and tolerance. Freedom and tolerance are anathema to terrorists.

John Kerry Delenda Est!