Monday, January 10, 2005

Ex-CIA Exec: Keep OBL on the Loose

From the Times Online (UK) via the WMD Mailbag:
THE world may be better off if Osama Bin Laden remains at large, according to the Central Intelligence Agency’s recently departed executive director.

If the world’s most wanted terrorist is captured or killed, a power struggle among his Al-Qaeda subordinates may trigger a wave of terror attacks, said AB “Buzzy” Krongard, who stepped down six weeks ago as the CIA’s third most senior executive.

“You can make the argument that we’re better off with him (at large),” Krongard said. “Because if something happens to Bin Laden, you might find a lot of people vying for his position and demonstrating how macho they are by unleashing a stream of terror.”
“He’s turning into more of a charismatic leader than a terrorist mastermind,” he said. “Some of his lieutenants are the ones to worry about.”

Krongard, 68, said he viewed Bin Laden “not as a chief executive but more like a venture capitalist”.
No wonder this guy didn't get along with new CIA chief Porter Goss...he doesn't want to capture or kill bin Laden. This is the kind of thinking at the CIA that missed 9/11 all together...

Islamofascism Delenda Est!