Tuesday, October 04, 2005

DeWine v. Hackett

It has happened. The one candidate that would make me support Mike DeWine has entered the race: Paul Hackett. Paul will once again try to appear not to be what he really is: a fever swamp liberal with an axe to grind. He is facing a real moderate in Mike DeWine, who probably would have lost a ton of support had the Democrats not convinced Hackett that his surprising LOSS to a miserable candidate in the OH-2 Congressional race was a miracle...and that LOSS was indeed a miracle because there was a perfect storm for the Democrats and they still managed to lose.

At any rate, if Hackett is indeed the Democrats candidate then I stand with Mike DeWine...even if it pains me to do so because DeWine will be FAR BETTER than the alternative.

10:00AM Update

Welcome TwoBabes readers! I promise...the WMD team will cover this race closely. We have many friends in the local blogosphere who covered the Schmidt v. Hackett race and we will always point you in the right direction for the best coverage.

11:45AM Update

There is still a chance that I may not have to support Mike DeWine just yet...Sherrod Brown hasn't quit the race yet. There will be a primary challenge for Hackett to overcome. And apparently, the Kossacks don't like this idea very much...of course, their annointed should be coronated immediately.

Should Brown win the primary, DeWine could still be challenged by a real conservative. Brown won't have near the Soros-influenced money draw that Hackett would generate. I don't know much about Brown...his ideas may (and probably are) as silly as Hackett's...

But it's sure fun to be talking about a political race again...