Friday, April 21, 2006

Bill Pierce: Its About Service

When was the last time Mike DeWine visited your town or county? When was the last time he actually campaigned in Ohio? According to my sources, it was during the Miami County endorsement, when he used his time to speak before the voters to let a barbershop quartet sing patriotic songs. Where is the substance? Where is the concern? I thought Mike DeWine was "one of us."

Don't be fooled by the glitzy commericals or the homey voiceovers. Mike DeWine is not one of us. He has been insulated into the Washington bubble. He no longer cares about what we think back here at home. He thinks that because we only vote on a US Senator every few years that people think it doesn't matter. He is no longer caring about us back here. Oh, he forcefeeds us pork to make the wonks happy, but does he care what we think? Obviously not. He is a career legislator, not a citizen legislator.

Think back to our founding fathers. They were citizen legislators. They spent more time in home states than in the Capital. They wanted to get the feel of the people. They wanted to make a difference, then they wanted to get the hell out of the capital. Look through most of the Founders' memoirs and personal papers, and you will see they wanted to do the job, serve the country, and get out of the way. Career legislators did not really come into vogue until the likes of Henry Clay, much later.

Bill Pierce is reminiscient of our Founders. He wants to go to Washington, serve the country, and get out. He wants to actually listen to the people of Ohio, and reflect THEIR values back to the nation, to represent us, not his own personal feelings, or in the case of Mike DeWine, whoever pays his PACS the highest. Mike DeWine is a special interest magnet.

Bill Pierce has served his country in many ways. When faced with the adversity of not getting into the Naval Academy as he wanted, he didn't just fold his tents and cry as others in the race have. He changed his path and entered the Air Force ROTC, becoming a commissioned officer. Bill Pierce served his country as an officer, and he served his country as a private citizen. He did as many of our Founders did, becoming an entrepeneur and starting a business. He served his clients and employees well, and paid for it. Undaunted, this man, in the face of personal struggle, decided to serve our nation by becoming a teacher, to help youth understand mathematics.

Bill Pierce has what many of our Founders had, which is so lacking in our leaders today: a servant's heart. He wants to serve the people, to help them. It is not about getting the contacts to be a good lobbyist. It is not about photo ops and getting power and influence. To Bill Pierce, it is about doing the job and doing it well, then going back home to Ohio.

A good leader has to be in touch with his people. Bill Pierce has traversed this state many times over getting in touch with the people. It is the shame of our media that more have not found out about his journey, but our mainstream media is too lazy to cover stories anymore, they want it handed to them. They want DeWine to win, because he IS a weak candidate. His approval numbers are terribly low, and he is easy to dig up dirt on. The media should be ashamed they have not covered this noble man with the servant's heart. Bill Pierce has vowed to stay in touch with voters, pledging to come back to visit each of Ohio's counties during his 6 year term of office. When has Mike DeWine returned to visit us, to check up on us? Oh yeah, when his son was running, to garner votes, and to ensure that a county he laid pork upon would vote his way! Other than that, you can't find Mike DeWine in Ohio with a search warrant!

Bill Pierce has vowed to serve us, to listen to us, to do what is right by us. He stands with conservatives in Ohio who are sick of fillibustering our judges, who are sick of having milksops for senators. He stands for being outspoken on the issues, and speaks from the heart. He listens to the voters. He values the voters. What has Mike DeWine done to show he values the voters? In truth, he doesn't. He wants turnout to be low, because a low turnout means apathy. Apathy means business as usual.

Send a true servant citizen legislator to the Senate. Send the career politician back home to think about his betrayal and neglect of the constituency. Send Bill Pierce to the Senate!