Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cincy Enquirer Blogger Can't Count...

and we are not letting the morons over there get away with it. First, Jon Craig mischaracterizes the 1999 present vote by Strickland, now Howard Wilkinson, Leftist hack, decides to show us his lack of counting skills. At least four other bloggers were there, and they counted at least 250-350 Blackwell supporters and 40-45 Strickland supporters. Mr. Wilkinson decided he saw just 100 Blackwell supporters and about 40-50 Strickland.

Mr. Wilkinson, why are you so biased? Did you graduate from Cincinnati Public Schools? Is that why you cannot count so well? Did you just stay for 5 minutes and then leave because "it was drizzling?"

Tell me, sir. Why is it you and the media are trying to suppress the vote by your actions? You and Mr. Craig both sound like you got your training from the Soviet Pravda editors during the height of the Cold War. When the pictures are developed, you again will be proven wrong, but as with Mr. Craig, I don't respect any retractions to be printed, because you at the Emptyquirer are clowns, hacks, and a disgrace to this city.