Wednesday, June 27, 2007

RINOvich Embarrasses Self, Ohio GOP, and the Great State of Ohio

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Crying Man, our Senator RINOvich was on the Sean Hannity Show today and by all accounts it was not a good moment for a guy who wants your vote next time out.

Nasty Brutish and Short has a liveblogged "transcript" that just has to be entered in to the record as Prosecution's Exhibit Number One on why The Crying Man does NOT deserve to be re-elected. Here is a highlight:
The Senator then says he has been threatened by people calling his office, telling him this is the end of his political career. "YOU DO NOT INTIMIDATE GEORGE VOINOVICH" he yells. It is the fault of talk radio, he says. But then he says if you don't like how he votes, you should take it into consideration the next time he's up for re-election. Sure will, Senator!
I can not wait to get the audio of this will be the centerpiece in a YouTube ad blitz for sure... I've made this point before and I will bring it up again: Constituent services for RINOvich have royally sucked rotten eggs with hot sauce. It is this particular brand of arrogance and ignorance that brings the entire Ohio GOP brand down...

There are consequences to being associated with this disgrace and if we want to avoid another 2006 election, somebody at the Ohio GOP had better start fixing some of these problems. Yeah, yeah, I've heard it before: "But, Matt, we can't do anything to influence the senator." Uh-huh...pull your support for him and condemn his comments is a good start. The man actually says that he doesn't want to hear from his constituents! What kind of "public servant" says things like that?

Back to the topic of the show: shamnesty:
Then it gets a little crazy. Voinovich tries to scream down Sean, and won't let the host talk. Says current law stinks. Hannity says: "No one is enforcing the current law!"

Hannity: "You can't even tell me you've read this bill." Voinovich says he has read "most of the summaries on it."

Voinovich: "The border today is more secure today than it was three years ago."

Hannity: "These borders aren't anywhere near secure. I've been there, I've seen them. This bill has had no hearings, no analysis. 400,000 guest workers every year, eligible for permanent status. Penalty is meager for those who won't respect our laws. Security measures are reducted from last year." Hannity is talking facts and specifics.

Oh no! Sean made the Senator very, very angry. The Senator: "It's not worthy to talk to you. I'm disappointed in you, I had more respect for you."

Hannity: "Senator you had a chance. I'll leave you for the whole hour. Have you done a cost analysis on this?"

But clearly, the Senator doesn't know how much it will cost. They talk past each other.
Good time all around!

Shall we discuss at length how Sen. RINOvich failed to understand his vote on the Hutchison amendment? And his failure to know if he even voted with the majority? This is an amendment he says he supports, but he has no idea that his vote actually tabled the amendment let alone whether or not he was on the winning side!

The absolute best moment is when RINOvich has to actually admit that he hasn't even read the bill!!!

What a humiliating performance! Mr. Senator, I am ashamed of you...and I urge you to retire so we can acquire competent representation in the United States Senate.



I hope that isn't too intimidating...I'd hate to make you cry...

UPDATE: Audio from Hot Air is now available.

Mark's Remarks

To summarize, here is what we learned:
1. Evidently, George Voinovich and Ted Kennedy have a lot in common. They both like our borders unsecured, both love a good Washington party, and both like to scream over the radio and look stupid. Makes me wonder if Georgie boy ever drove a car with a woman in it and left her to die in Lake Erie.....

2. George Traitorvich evidently can't read. He can't take the time to read a bill just tearing down what little border security we already have and putting a huge strain on our economy by adding millions of illegals to the welfare rolls.

3. George Traitorvich thinks his office is his life. He says he has been threatened by people. Threats usually are more serious than, "dude, we ain't going to vote for you anymore and are going to support someone else." That's called politics. It isn't life, well, unless you are addicted to the buttkissing of some self righteous ohio bloggers who want to tonguekiss Bob Bennett as Sen. Voinovich did to get his job...(aren't you proud, I didn't use RINOvich or shamnesty at all...)

4. George Voinovich doesn't give a damn about what the majority of Ohioans think. He will do what he wants because it is his right as a dictator to not be responsive to the will of the people. Maybe he should start hanging with Hugo Chavez, or Fidel Castro. His attitude is better suited to Venezuela or Cuba.

5. George Voinovich is a dullard. He is incapable of defending his position on issues other than in hurling insults back at the host or in hanging up a phone.

6. George Voinovich (see, no cute turns of phrase, there, LL)feels that he is meant to be Senator for life. You see, people should worship him, because he does what makes himself feel good, not what the people want for their country.

7. George Voinovich would fail government class. He doesn't read bills, he doesn't know what is in them, he can't defend an issue, and he doesn't understand what The Founders said about power from the people and the rights of the governed to change their officials/government if they are not serving the will of the people.

Based on these facts, I think one can safely say that George Voinovich has a secret. He has a deep dark secret. He needs to come out of the closet. No, I am not about to go Ann Coulter on him. He needs to tell the truth about himself, and to his wife.