Thursday, February 28, 2008

OH-02: WMD Endorses Jean Schmidt

In this race, we have three candidates in the primary, State Rep. Tom Brinkman, Nathon W. Bailey, and incumbent Jean Schmidt. After looking at all the candidates, the editors of WMD are pleased to announce that we are endorsing incumbent Jean Schmidt for the 2nd District Congressional Seat.

In Nathan Bailey, we find an admirable young man who wants young people to get involved in politics. He is an accountant by trade, having worked his way through Shawnee State University and in management positions at United Dairy Farmers before going to work at an accountant agency. In our opinion, Mr. Bailey has an impressive stand on the issues, but he simply does not have the ability to win in a general election. Our suggestion to Mr. Bailey is to start at a more local level and work his way up the ladder. However, his willingness to engage the process should be applauded and we thank him for entering the arena, but cannot endorse him in this crucial race at this time.

In Tom Brinkman, we find someone who claims grand accomplishments but upon further review, we see straw men. He claims to have been designated as "most principled" legislator but the same group also rated him "MOST INEFFECTIVE." That is not a lobbyist spin, Mr. Brinkman, that comes straight from the same group you tout that said you had principles. Also, Mr. Brinkman claims to be a "solid conservative," but he takes the money and endorsements of left wing environmental groups, and sends targeted populist mailers to union members because of their penchance for voting Democrat. How do I know this? I have a family member who is a union member who received this left sounding mailer.

His whole candidacy comes down to the fact that while she was in state office, Jean Schmidt supported a tax increase. That is about it. Yep, she supported a tax increase. It doesn't matter what she has done since in the job she has been elected to, she supported a tax increase way back when. That alone does not make her ineligible for office or Tom Brinkman eligible. Mr. Brinkman is so lowly regarded by his fellow Republicans in the Statehouse that it was not until the last two years they placed him on a committee in the statehouse. His whole candidacy is based on the animus he and his supporters in COAST share toward Jean Schmidt because a)she's a woman; b)she didn't kowtow to them; and c)she's a woman who has beaten them twice now. Mr. Brinkman seems willing to say anything or do anything to get elected. He continues to publish lies about Schmidt wanting to put a nuclear facility in Scioto County, claiming it is a "toxic waste dump," when in reality it is a recycling facility that would bring in hundreds of jobs. Mr. Brinkman has gone on record as not liking the Patriot Act, and he opposes the death penalty for terrorists. Mr. Brinkman also wants votes but doesn't work to get them. Instead, he sends out trolls to websites and news organizations to post charges that have either been debunked or are silly to get anti-Jean sentiment. Also, he evidently doesn't care about the people because at least in Brown and Clermont Counties, you couldn't find him with a search warrant in terms of his availability to the primary voters at party functions. Yet he thinks he is a viable candidate. Also, he directed people in his COAST organization to support the liberal Vic Wulsin in the previous general election. Does this sound like a conservative? Nope. Due to these questionable tactics and others, we cannot endorse Mr. Brinkman for dogcatcher, much less Congress.

Finally, we have the incumbent, Congresswoman Jean Schmidt. She is not the perfect candidate, as she did support that tax increase in the state house. However, in her role as Congresswoman for the 2nd district, she has bent over backwards to be accessible to the people of the district, appearing at more functions than Rob Portman did over a similar span. She tries to have office hours at convenient locations throughout the district. She has been a tireless supporter of the troops, making several visits overseas to see the troops in Iraq. She has voted time and again to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, and also has served the needs of her district. When it was brought to her attention the lack of access to potable water in Perry Township, she worked to get funds to build the pipework and infrastructure so people would not have to rely on questionable sources for drinking water. She supports our troops and works hard to keep informed on local issues. She has been endorsed by pro-life groups, 2nd amendment groups, and won a clean sweep of endorsements by the county parties in the district that have endorsement procedures. She has either been present or had representation at most county functions and party gatherings. She is working hard to keep her finger on the pulse of what constituents want and working for us. She has done an admirable job despite consistent unfounded attacks by woman-hating zealots who cannot forgive one vote. Despite this, she has served with grace and aplomb and moxy, and we here at WMD are proud to endorse her for 2nd District US congress.

The editors of "Weapons of Mass Discussion" are pleased to endorse incumbent Congresswoman Jean Schmidt for continued service to Ohio's Second District of the United States House of Representatives.