Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vic Wulsin Says: "Bouncin' Bob McEwen Helped Me Out"

Check out this bit from Vic Wulsin (D-Millionaire) in the comments at a post over at FireDogLake (a digusting hive of ultra-liberal scum and villany):
The 2nd District has some very interesting dynamics. Congressman Bob McEwen [OH-R] called this morning to congratulate me. He said that at his dinner table last night, the other six guests - all Republicans - had chosen Democratic ballots and voted for, yep, Vic Wulsin! He says the Repubs want her OUT (he barely lost to her in the ‘06 primary, so remember where he’s coming from) and want a reasonable alternative. So, I’d like to think some of the crossing-over comes from a desire to get Schmidt out. As an epidemiologist, I look forward to crunching some numbers to see where the biggest “crossing-over” occurred, and how that affected the Clinton:Obama ratio and the Wulsin:Black ratio.
No wonder Tom Brinkman got his @$$ kicked...his biggest ally and bestest friend in the whole wide world (not to mention co-founder of the Jean Schmidt Kicked Our @$$e$ Club) was backing Vic Wulsin...

Bob and Tom: Co-Founders of the Jean Schmidt Kicked My @$$ Club

3/7 UPDATE: Bill the Pill has confirmed this story with Bouncin' Bob McEwen. Apparently McEwen is still a Republican, but all of the rest of his friends are know what they say about the company that you keep...