Saturday, June 21, 2008

T-Shirt Ted Sucks Up While Ohio Burns....

This statement just in from the Ohio GOP regarding Ted fiddling with Obama while Ohioans suffer:
Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine issued the following statement today regarding the spike in Ohio's unemployment rate to 6.3 percent:

"It's ironic that on the same day Ohio's unemployment rate spiked to the highest level in five years, Ted Strickland is off in Chicago embracing Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on Ohioans. Sen. Obama favors increasing the tax burden on at least 55 percent of Ohio's small businesses and raising taxes on everything from natural gas to payroll. Sucking more money out of Ohio's taxpayers and job creators is no way to jump start our economy. If mounting job losses and higher taxes are now part Gov. Strickland's Turnaround Ohio plan, it appears to be working."

I could not agree more with Kevin DeWine on this one. Which is more important Teddy, galavanting along panting for Obama or working to improve things in this state? Or, are yo bucking for a cabinet post?

Actually, I think Ted sees a lot of himself in Obama. Run as something you are not, do not go into specifics on what you will do, talk about more what you are not than what you are, and when in doubt, make promises you can't keep....

Wait, I know Gov....all will be solved when Keno arrives....right?