Saturday, June 28, 2008

TIB All Stars Are On The Air.....WE HOPE....June 28

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I Guess Some Justices Can Actually Read the Constitution

The Heller Case.

But Justice Kennedy Cares Only About Europe

The Child Rape Issue and Jindal Reax

But Back To Guns

Liberals Don't Want to take our guns? Yeah, right....
The Local Take on Boccieri and Fisher....

The Shift to POTUS Issues

McCain: deserves credit for the surge...or, as Matt says, the Powell Doctrine

Obama: Nuance will work for me? Hmmm...How is it working for President Kerry?

More Obama: Zigzagging On Iraq...Yup. Boy Obama, give this speech to the troops on the ground and their commanders....And the government not taking responsibility? get over there and see....REALITY. And, not only is he a flip flopper, he is telling verifiable falsehoods (follow links in the corner piece).

Possible Obama Flip-Flip #28?: Gradual vs. Immediate?

Heath Schuler--Whining Like he Did When He played

Hey Heath, put up or shut names and change things or shut up....

Speaking of Put Up or Shut up...

John Campbell, Call Your office....
We talk about leadership in the House, as in "we have it", and we need a team (which we don't have) who needs to follow Boehner's lead.

If Howard Kurtz Is Screaming Media Bias, You Know There Is Smoke For that Fire...

Howard Kurtz shows the media bias protecting Obama on the DC gun is sad that the Tribune, which in November had the interview where Obama's campaign said the DC gun ban was Constitution, couldn't check its damn archives....much less use google.

(SARCASM) Real Men of Genius(/SARCASM): Gordo and the NRSC

Gordo and the NRSC are morons. Give to the individual candidates you support, NOT THESE CLOWNS!

Obama's Global Poverty Act of 2007

What this really is, and what is really going on. Listen in and be afraid...very afraid....85 billion of foreign aid to the morons at the UN

Hey Solar Energy Advocates, Welcome to OUR World

Yes, solar energy projects are being stopped...for environmental concerns...welcome to the same boat as those of us who advocate for more drilling...So, as instapundit says, "Okay: Nukes are out, coal is filthy, wind power destroys Ted Kennedy's view, and solar leads to "environment fears." Do they just want us all to freeze in the dark? Pretty much, I'd say . . . ." Hat tip to Sonic Frog