Friday, May 15, 2009

Dillingham Plans to Run for Office Again

This just in...
Dear Friends:

Let me begin by saying V's Nightclub is alive and well and contrary to what you may read in the newspapers isn't going anywhere.

I also want to THANK each and every one of you for your continued friendship and support.

As a result of running for County Commissioner in 2006, I am still dealing with a great deal of political backlash as a result of running against former police officer in Charles Furman.

My primary goal was to protect the children of our community. I am proud of my accomplishments regarding the role I played in helping to pass new laws after the tragic death of Marcus Fiesel.

In spite of "the good ol boy" politics of Butler County, my husband Joe and I will continue to operate V's nightclub and have every intention of opening additional locations as soon as it becomes possible.

Many of you have asked me if I intend to run for public office again. The answer is YES!

Thanks again for your friendship and support.

Rawnica Dillingham

The Republican Party isn't going to support her and as bad off as the Democrats are in Butler County, I can't imagine them latching on to this political genius either.

The truly sad thing about Mrs. Dillingham Wilson Dillingham Rusigno Dillingham is her continued usage of Marcus Fiesel as a political prop. It is tasteless, cheap and vile...which is, of course, why she does it.

As usual, Rawnica fails to accept responsibility for her actions. V's didn't lose its liquor license because of her primary challenge against Furmon. If anything, those in political circles would have wanted her to succeed so that story could finally get out of the newspaper and they could finally get down to the business of enacting good government without the distraction.

It takes more than bad political theater to win an election and Dillingham's broken record of "good old boy" politics is just too absurd to be believed. So while the news that Rawnica plans to run for something again might be good for the blogging businessx, it is surely bad news for Butler County.

EXIT QUESTION: Will Lori Viars back Rawnica again? How about Sheriff Leis? We know that Kay Rogers is solidly in her corner as is Mike Fox...of course, those last two will be joining her husband behind bars soon...