Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fairfield Raising Taxes? -- Part 2

The Enquirer has a story which adds another wrinkle to an already confusing situation: apparently, commissioners in both Butler and Hamilton county have to approve this deal too. I'm not real sure what Hamilton county has to do with this since the JEDD isn't in Hamilton county (at least from the way I read the coverage).

I'm hoping to get a chance to put in a call today to a source that knows more on this subject, but I have to say I am still quite confused as to why anybody thinks it is a good idea to levy a new tax on top of old taxes in a recession. And why aren't the good people of Fairfield and Fairfield Township allowed to vote on this tax increase? I'd also really like to hear somebody actually explain how raising taxes during a recession is a "win-win" for anybody.

Either the media isn't giving us the whole story because they don't know what questions to ask or they actually like the idea of raising taxes in a recession and are going along to get along.