Monday, May 11, 2009

Find the Problem

Here are a few paragraphs from a story about Boehner vs. Jones in the Politico. See if you can discern what the Ohio GOP's problem is...

here is Butler County GOP Chairman Tom Ellis:
Tom Ellis, the Butler County Republican Party chairman, said that Jones’ outspoken activism against illegal immigration has won him political standing in his Butler County base, which accounts for about half the district’s population. But he has urged Jones to run for reelection as sheriff to avoid a contentious intraparty battle.

“At the county level, Richard Jones is the most high-profile, recognizable name and the most popular of our local county officeholders,” said Ellis. “But our response to him has been that we do not welcome any contested primary, particularly against someone of the stature of John Boehner. It’s expensive and divisive for the party.”
And here is Ohio GOP Chairman Kevin DeWine:
“I’ve never met Sheriff Jones, so I don’t know what would motivate him to take on leader Boehner,” said Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine. “Leader Boehner has a strong record of fiscal conservatism that matches that district very well, and, as a result, I see no problems for Boehner in the primary.”

HINT: "I’ve never met Sheriff Jones, so I don’t know..."