Friday, June 05, 2009

Dave Yost on NCR and Ohio Business Climate

AG Candidate Dave Yost has a fascinating piece up about the NCR debacle. basically, he says that the fact that Strickland's calls went unanswered says more about the condition of Ohio than it does about the governor.

Here is what I submitted to the comments:
Dave, I think you are right about Strickland not having the power to get the deal done because of the business climate in Ohio. But I think singling out Strickland is a bit unfair. We should be condemning not only Strickland, but Bob Taft, Jon Husted, Bill Harris, Bob Bennett and the crowd that brought us to this dance.

We will never have credibility on this issue until we admit that Republicans played a very big role in this debacle. Admiting that we have a problem is the first step in recovery...
Your thoughts?