Friday, June 12, 2009

DeWine Designates a Treasurer

It apparently is Take Out the Trash Friday so guess what news we have for you today? Mike DeWine has made the strongest signal yet that he fails to realize his day is done and has designated a treasurer for a statewide run.

I'm sure that all the usual suspects will still be ticked off at me for this but these are the same people who are already mad at me because Iwon't support Jon Husted either. So, I'm pretty much doubling down on the lack of invitations to swanky parties and party fundraisers. Somehow, I'll still manage to sleep well tonight...

Nothing has changed. Ohio is not crying out for Mike DeWine.

I'll ask again: Just where exactly Mike DeWine was when we could have used him? If DeWine wanted to Attorney General of Ohio, he should have run in the special election. I've heard all kinds of stories excuses, but the fact remains, Mike DeWine found the time to go gallivanting around the state for the Gang Leader of 14... What? He could say, "Oh, yeah, vote for me for Ohio Attorney General." at the same time? I've heard that there were family health problems...yet, there he was out there for his buddy McCain, so it couldn't have been all that big of a concern.

What else have y'all got?

Just don't do it, Mike. Your day is done... You served honorably and now it is time to let someone else have their chance to fix the problems.