Thursday, June 25, 2009

"The Great Illusionist" by Wes Retherford

This is the introductory post for a new WMD Blogger, Wes Retherford.
“THE GREAT ILLUSIONIST” starring Barack Obama as David Copperfield

What do illusionists and David Copperfield and Barack Obama all have in common? They use sleight of hand to make a living and to keep their fans. Why do I say this?

How many of you have heard that the US House of Representatives are voting on Cap and Trade Legislation this Friday? If you watch any news network except FOX, then you probably haven’t. Why is that? Is it liberal bias in the media? Maybe a little bit, but it is more so the magnificent sleight of hand that Barack Obama is able to pull off.

I am writing this as I am watching his bogus, bi-partisan, questions from all walks of life (and I use bi-partisan and all walks of life very, very loosely) town hall meeting as part of ABC’s infomercial for Government controlled healthcare and it finally hit me.

Did any one watch his mid-day press conference yesterday? I couldn’t watch but I did listen and if I remember correctly I do not remember hearing him utter ONE single word about the hemisphere or Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever term the liberals are using for it now, or even about Cap and Trade legislation. If I am wrong, please correct me, but I’m positive I didn’t hear it. He did cover the topics of Iran, North Korea and Healthcare and even told a few jokes, which I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one of those applause signs blinking the word laugh just out of view of the camera. Now he is doing this dog and pony show about healthcare “reform” and supposedly getting America involved. Why? Shouldn’t he be worried about garnering support for his radical anti-business green house gas legislation? I mean, they are our representatives and they vote how a majority of their constituents want them to, just like how they shot down the ARRA of 2009 act because people were against it 2 to 1 right?

No! He knows that if the people get involved in Fridays legislative vote, then there would be a huge public out cry against it. After all, most Americans are intelligent enough to know that these “fees” (fees= plural of fee, a noun: definition: Liberal term that is used in place of “new taxes”) will be passed onto the consumer. President Obama does know that we are not going to buy “the corporations and companies will be the only ones paying” B.S. line. After all, it was then-candidate Obama who said, “My plan will almost certainly raise the price of electricity drastically” when asked about his statements about carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants.

So, instead of going out there, telling the American people what he trying to get done right now, make all his talking points, and tip-toe around real answers to questions like I’ve been watching him do on ABC for roughly 50 minutes now, he is distracting us with his left (forgot he is a southpaw) right hand, while his left hand is getting the actual work done. So while he is successfully getting the debate going about what we should do with the problems in Iran, North Korea and with healthcare, he is slipping CAP AND TRADE into the federal law books. Thus, taking another step towards restricting free-markets, and losing American manufacturing jobs to over seas companies who will not enforce this ludicrous plan. As of the start of this message, I have personally called and emailed Congressman Driehaus (D-OH1) and Senators Brown (D-OH) and Voinovich (R-OH) and voiced my stance against CAP and TRADE. I have also written emails and made complaint line phone calls to WKRC, WCPO, WLWT and local FOX19, voicing my displeasure about them not informing the greater Cincinnati area about CAP and TRADE. I encourage you to do the same. Say it loudly and say it often, in a time of economic crisis, we should not be passing job-killing legislation just to satisfy the minority who believes in a theory that has been disproven multiple times, but multiple experts.

To find out who your congressman/woman is and to email them with your concern, go to this web site and for your senators go to or you can call your local Representative’s Washington office at (202) 224-3121 or your senator’s Washington Office at the same number. This is the capital switchboard and will transfer you to the correct office. Get on your laptops, desktops, landlines, cell phones and whatever else you have, tell your friends and family to call. We need to stand up to this job killer with a loud voice of opposition.

Its time American stood up and asked, “Barack Obama and Congress, isn’t 2.1 million jobs lost since you took office enough already?”

Thank you and GOD Bless the United States of America.