Thursday, June 11, 2009

Marc Dann Was a Great AG...Just Ask Him

This interview with disgraced Democrat and former Attorney General Marc Dann (also known as The Gift That Keeps On Giving) is just too self-absorbed and disgusting to quote here, but do read it to gain a further insight in to The Man, the Myth and The Legend that is Marc Dann. Let's not forget as we head in to another election cycle, that Marc Dann was a bright star on the rise in Ohio Democratic politics. He was their conscience and the standard-bearer for ethics and morals. Never let them forget Marc Dann.

UPDATE: In other news, Marc Dann got a slap on the wrist today... I have to say that John McClelland tweeted it best: "Brunner and Cordray just let Marc Dann walk for $1000. Way to clean up that 'culture of corruption'"

It's time to drain the swamp, people...seriously.

6/12/09 UPDATE: Wow...way to overreact there Modern Esquire...and also way to demonstrate taking responsibility for cleaning up your party's messes. Blame the GOP for everything is not a strategy that will work again. The electorate is on to you... If you really want Republicans to stop blaming Cordray and Brunner and focus on STRICKLAND for this fiasco...that's okay, I can do that too...but is that really what you want?