Monday, June 22, 2009

More Bad News for Obama

The American people are starting to realize that the president ought to accept some blame for the state of the economy. Rasmussen reports that the number of Americans who blame Obama's policies is up to 39%. While a majority still blame Bush, the trend there is falling and those folks are starting to blame Obama for the what the Demcoratic Congress had been doing during the last months of the Bush administration.

But here is the one that will hurt Obama: 60% of the American people trust their own economic judgement over Obama's. There goes the argument that obama has a mandate for statism...

And this bit is very telling:
Younger voters are more likely than their elders to blame the current economic situation on the recession that began under Bush. The majority of middle income voters place more of the blame on Obama’s policies.
Kids, pay attention: Statist policies are not good for the economy. It didn't work for Bush and it won't work for Obama.

At some point, the PR genius who has so far managed to craft Obama's image so well is going to run out of magic dust and when that happens, watch the floor drop on all kinds of approval numbers...