Monday, June 29, 2009

More on The Billion Dollar Savings Bill

I have two documents attached to the end of this post that will further illustrate and support the point I was making earlier about how this bill could save the taxpayers about a billion dollars while our Democratic friends fight about the budget.

The first one, Consolidation Estimates, walks through savings of $858M to state payroll, due to the reducing the number of state employees by around 11,000 or 21.3%.

The second one, LSC-Agency Expenditures, also shows that in FY’08, the last full year of info we have that state agencies spent $1,440,138,517 on supplies and maintenance and $164,774,862 on equipment. If these amounts were reduced by the small amount that payroll was, 21.3%, you would see the following savings:
Supplies and Maintenance: $1,440,138,517 * .213 = $306,749,504

Equipment: $164,774,862 * .213 = $35,097,046
These figures total well over $1 billion dollars. Even if you take the payroll savings and just reduce supplies/maintenance ($144M) and equipment($16M) by 10% you are still over $1 billion.

Isn't it interesting that the Democrats who control the Ohio House have failed to even schedule a hearing to talk about this idea? This is, quite literally, a BILLION DOLLAR IDEA and Ohio Democrats don't even want to chat about saving this kind of money. I guess they would rather cut the library budgets and rely on Slot Machines to get this done.

Granted, this bill alone won't get the job done...but I have heard of two other bills that -- in addition to this one -- brings us a whole lot closer than what the Democrats have been proposing.

Someone ought to ask Chris Redfern, Speaker Bundish, and Governor Strickland about this... If only the 527 Media in this state weren't in the tank for these liberals...

Consolidation Estimates