Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Rep Tiberi: "The DTV Countdown is On"

The countdown’s on! In just a few days, television is making the switch to digital!

The most recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) survey indicated 98 percent of Americans are aware of the digital transition, when television stops broadcasting across analog airwaves to a digital signal. This amount is higher than the amount of Americans that know Tax Day is April 15th! In April, the NAB reported that a full 82 percent of households were fully prepared for the transition. That means that if they did not have cable or satellite TV, they had a digital convertor box to allow the houses to continue viewing television “over the air.”

If you are part of the remaining households that have not taken steps to prepare for the transition, the time is now! You may need to purchase a digital convertor from an electronics store. Each household is entitled to two coupons to alleviate some of the cost to buy two convertors. Make sure you request the coupons before purchasing the convertor boxes. You can request the coupons here https://www.dtv2009.gov/.

After the transition to digital, emergency services will use the old analog broadcast waves for communication. Broadcasters say the new digital signals will offer better picture and sound quality. Get prepared for the transition June 12th!

If you currently are using a digital convertor box during this transition period and are having problems with your picture, try the troubleshooting tips found here http://www.dtv.gov/fixreception.html.