Saturday, June 27, 2009

Space and Driehaus Betrays Constituents by Voting for Increasing Energy Prices

Zack Space and Steve Driehaus sent a loud and clear signal to the people of Ohio about where his priorities lie today by siding with their Democrat leaders and voting for their disastrous National Energy Tax. With the outcome of the vote in question until the last minute, their support was crucial to passing the latest installment in the Democrats’ ongoing crusade against economic recovery.

The National Energy Tax will have a devastating effect on the economy:

• It’s a massive energy tax
• It will not make a substantive impact on the environment
• It will kill jobs
• It will cause electricity bills and gas prices to sharply increase
• It will outsource manufacturing jobs and hurt free trade
• It will make you choose among energy, groceries, clothing, and haircuts
• It will be highly susceptible to fraud and corruption
• It will hurt senior citizens, the poor, and the unemployed the worst

SOURCE: (“The Cost of Cap and Trade: Why the EPA and CBO Are Wrong,” Heritage Foundation, 6/24/09)

Of Driehaus' vote, Hamilton County GOP Chairman Alex Alex M. Triantafilou says:
"This vote for "cap and trade" by Rep. Driehaus is further proof that he has forgotten his west-side roots and is now part of the big spending and big taxing Democratic majority in Washington. After his election in November, it was my hope that he would follow a more centrist course in Washington like some of his Democratic predecessors in the 1st Congressional district. He has done the opposite."

"Rep. Driehaus has demonstrated a history of voting just as the Democratic majority in Washington wants him to vote. He supported Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. He voted for the nearly $800 billion stimulus package that will burden our great-grandchildren with debt and has yet to stimulate anything. Now, he has voted for a massive tax on energy at a time when our nation can least afford it."

"Mr. Driehaus' party-line voting history is a far departure from the independent voice of Steve Chabot. Mr. Driehaus has failed to put a CAP on frivolous spending and higher taxes in Washington so the voters should TRADE him for Steve Chabot in 2010."
NRCC Communications Driector Ken Spain:
“Zack Space's vote to kill jobs in his district and hand his constituents higher costs during these difficult times is nothing short of insulting.”

“The people of Ohio sent Zack Space to Washington to represent their values and restore prosperity, and he has returned the favor by once again bowing to his party bosses at the expense of middle class families. Unfortunately for Space, he will have to answer to Ohio voters rather than Nancy Pelosi when Election Day rolls around.”