Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Strickland on NCR & GM: "I Never Said I'd Turn Around Ohio"

All of a sudden, the governor is starting to think that nobody should be blamed for Ohio's poor economy and the resulting job loses (Dayton Daily News):
"The least of my worries right now is who may get blamed for this," he said. "I'm concerned about the workers who are losing their jobs. I'm concerned about a community that will feel this loss."
That's funny, sure didn't run your campaign on that platform and now that enough time has past that folks are starting to realize that you've been fiddling while Ohio burned instead of Turning Around Ohio, now you don't want folks to place blame.

How convenient...

Ted blamed George W. Bush. He blamed Bob Taft. He blamed any Republican who's name he could think of...

Meanwhile, he did NOTHING to fix it. And now that folks are understanding that T-Shirt Ted talked the talk but can't or is unwilling to walk the walk he wants folks not to lay blame where it belongs...with the political elite that has been running this state in to the ground.

Sure...there are plenty of Republicans who share some blame (Jon Husted...) but I thought the buck stopped at the governor's desk. Stop passing the buck Ted...accept the's came with the office.

UPDATE: The Ohio GOP has more...

UPDATE 2 (6/5/09): Thank you, Moe... (Red State)