Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today's Update

We're going to have to put up the Light Posting Alert for the rest of the week as work is just kicking me in the behind...

Here are a few items you need to know about...

  • OH-15: Steve Stivers is gearing up for another run at Mary Jo Kilroy. The Hill reports that Steve has given himself a July 4th deadline to decide if he is in... My guess is that we should all prepare for Round Two.

  • OH-05: Rep. Bob Latta on the GOP Health Care Plan:
    “The House Republican Health Care Solutions Group, under the leadership of Congressman Roy Blunt, have produced a common-sense plan to reduce costs, expand access, and increase the quality of care in a way that America can afford. As the Obama Administration and Democrat Congressional leadership continue to hint at nothing short of big government medicine for the United States, this plan ensures private citizens’ health care is not dictated by federal bureaucrats. I look forward to working with my colleagues in a bipartisan manner to pass meaningful reform that guarantees health care in the United States remains the best in the world.

    NOTE: Details on the House Republican plan can be found here.

  • OH-01: In this week's blog post, Steve Chabot talks about how ABC has become the All Barack Company.

  • Carnival of Ohio Politics: This week's issue is up!

  • Buckeye Institute: Did you know that the estate tax is killing 58,000 jobs in Ohio? Read all about that here.