Monday, June 15, 2009

UD Poli-Sci Chair Has Not Been Reading the News

How else can you justify this crazy assertion? (Dayton Daily News)
“[Strickland] certainly hasn’t done anything that suggests he’s not competent.”
Uhh, dude, remember DataGate? How about the Faith-Based Initiatives guy who also goes by The Guru of Prostitution? How about the Interim Development Director with tax problems?

Strickland hasn't done anything to suggest that he's not competent... Huh?

How about the unemployment rate hitting a low we haven't reached since the last time a Democrat was in the Governor's mansion?


This just stuff off the top of my head, I could probably do some real damage if I fired up Google or checked out my archives...

If your kid is going to school at UD for political science, you might want to ask for your money back.