Friday, June 19, 2009

VIDEO: "Terrorists Don't Deserve the Same Rights As Americans"

Former FBI agent Rep. Mike Rogers (MI-8) discusses the dangerous decision by the Obama Justice Department to read Miranda rights to suspected terrorists. Text of Rep. Rogers video can be read below:
Hello, Im representative Mike Rogers of Michigan. After Islamic radicals killed nearly 3,000 American on September 11th, our nation had an important decision to make: Do we treat this horrendous attack as a crime or an act of war?

The collective decision by lawmakers was that this was an act of war. Thankfully, President Obama agrees.

Or does he? I recently learned that the Obama Justice Department is reading Miranda rights to foreign terror suspects as a part of their Global Justice Initiative.

As a former FBI agent I want to tell you that this is nuts. By granting foreign fighters protections normally reserved for US citizens, we are faced with the possibility that they will game the American legal system and return to the battlefield.

The threat of terrorism is an issue of our national security, not law enforcement.