Saturday, July 18, 2009

Car Czar

Ron Bloom is replacing Rattner as car czar. First why in the world do we need czars. But this has been beaten to death. Second I am totally shocked that Rattner resigned under investigation. I find it hard to believe there are any character issues with any of Pre. Obama's administration. What troubles me is that Bloom has serious ties to labor. He was a former official for the United Steelworkers Union. He also worked as an investment banker dealing with banks who dealt with the steel industry. In looking at his bio (he actually has been behind the scenes for a while )he comes across as a tough negotiator. The biggest problem I have though is THE GOVERNMENT IS STILL INVOLVED IN PRIVATE INDUSTRY!!!! If Government Motors and Crisisler are out of bankruptcy it is time to let them become a business and set themselves up without the government intervening. We do not need someone negotiating on the behalf of the government in their affairs. If these people (government officials) were so great in business they would BE in business. It is time for Pres. Obama drop out as CEO and relinquish control.