Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Columbus City Hall Incumbents Hide from Debate Challenge

(COLUMBUS, OH) Matt Ferris, candidate for Columbus City Council, called on Priscilla Tyson, Eileen Paley, and A. Troy Miller to answer his challenge to debate the proposed 25% income tax increase. Tyson, Paley, and Miller are all incumbent members of Columbus City Council and are up for election in November.

"Our city is at a crossroads. The tax increase is one of the most important issues facing Columbus and polling has shown that a majority of voters oppose it. If the tax increase passes, these three members of City Council will decide how the money from the tax is spent. Therefore, as incumbent Council members and candidates for City Council, Paley, Miller, and Tyson owe it to the voters to discuss publicly the ramifications of this tax increase."

Ferris issued his debate challenge in a letter to Tyson, Paley, and Miller's homes that he sent on Saturday the 18th and called their offices to re-issue the challenge on Thursday the 23rd.

Ferris has proposed a plan to balance the budget without raising taxes and without cutting police and fire services. The full plan can be viewed at