Monday, July 13, 2009

Coughlin Bows Out

Since announcing the organization of a campaign for governor next year, I've had the opportunity to listen to people from across Ohio. They are rightly concerned about the future of our state and the direction in which our country is headed.

I'm grateful to my family, and to so many long-time supporters and new-found friends who have encouraged me to seek the chance to lead Ohio.

As great as this experience has been, as much as we have learned and as much as I care about the future of Ohio, I have decided that now is not my time.

Coming off of so many years in the legislature and in the current economic environment, I just don't have the motivation to raise the financial resources to wage a successful campaign. My family and I have decided that now is a time to pause and think, not to jump right into a new endeavor.

After my last election Anne and I began my final term in the Ohio Senate very much looking forward to the prospect of leaving public life. The fact is that there is much that I'd like to accomplish outside of elected office.

Now, after a brief interlude exploring a run for governor, I find myself back where I was - grateful for the opportunity to serve, better educated by the events surrounding my time in office, and excited about the opportunities ahead.

In the upcoming campaign for governor, my hope is that Ohioans will be able to choose from two candidates for who have the courage to put forth detailed and serious agendas to change our state for the better. Campaigns built on empty rhetoric lead to empty rhetorical government. That's been our problem for too long, and it does not serve Ohio well. Especially in these times, we need to expect more from our candidates and our elected officials.

Anne and I thank all of you who have supported the effort in so many ways. God bless you and God bless Ohio, this state we love so much.
I've been pretty busy at work today, plus I've been hip deep in Angry Armenian reseatch, so I have to tip the hat to Kevin Hotsberry for getting to this first.

So...Kevin...what do you say about a run for Secretary of State?