Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Dynamic of Competition

Prior to the Redferns being lobbyists (please do not insult my intelligence and try to explain to me that there is some sort of "Chinese firewall" that separates the two of them) I would hazard to guess that probably 80% of the lobbyists were "for" Chris Redfern.

They were either for him because they liked him personally, they were/are dems (who had been hiding their donkey ears under 8 yrs of GVV & 8 yrs of Taft, but dem lobbyists nonetheless) and supported their Chairman/Party or they liked/respected him as someone whom they had dealt with as a former Legislator.

For whatever reason, my point is that prior to Chris & Kim being lobbyists they probably had the vocal, financial, general support of 80% of the lobbying community.

Ask around today and I think you will find that at least 80% of the lobbying community would be fine with the Redferns vanishing from the face of the earth. Get a few drinks in some of said lobbyists and you'll feel like you are hanging out in Hell's Kitchen or on The Deadliest Catch.

Simply put: Competition is a funny thing.

The second Kim put a shingle up as a lobbyist that basically meant that anytime she GAINED a client then someone else was LOSING a client. Everyone was cool with Chris when he wasn't competition, but the dynamics have changed.

They are taking food out of other people's mouths (picture a lobbyist with his/her spouse & kids eat Ramen noodles because Chris & Kim Redfern stole their largest client).

Speaking from experience, I can tell you that winning competitions on a regular basis can be a very dangerous thing. Very dangerous.

"Win" enough and make others "lose" enough then bad things happen...anonymous memos (only cowards take this approach...I know a handful...believe me they are out there), funds for the Ohio Democrat Party start to dry up, people who used to not drag their feet are now dragging their feet & the reception you get from folks just is not quite as rosy as it used to be.

First, it will start to hurt you and then it will start to hurt the Ohio Democrat Party.

Once things start to hurt the Party then people will start talking about "hope" & "change."

Hope & change are all well & good when they benefit you, but "hope" & "change" might turn out to be a real female dog if the hope & change means you losing your seat as Chairman.

Yep, can really be a funny thing.

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