Thursday, July 23, 2009

From GOP Leader Blog: Dems Obstructing Mailings....

From the GOP Leader Blog:
Well, the “most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history” is at it again. House Democrats, as today’s Roll Call reported, “are preventing Republican House Members from sending their constituents a mailing that is critical of the majority’s health care reform plan, blocking the mailing by alleging that it is inaccurate.”

It’s understandable that Speaker Pelosi is nervous about letting the American people know the consequences of their government takeover of health care - but are the Democrats running so scared that they’ve decided to block House Republicans from communicating with their own constituents?

Apparently so, as Roll Call notes:

“The dispute centers on a chart created by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and Republican staff of the Joint Economic Committee to illustrate the organization of the Democratic health care plan…In a memo sent Monday to Republicans on the House franking commission, Democrats argue that sending the chart to constituents as official mail would violate House rules because the information is misleading. In their eight-point memo, which was obtained by Roll Call, Democrats identify a litany of areas where they believe the chart is incorrect.

“Brady. . .said Democrats are simply threatened by the content of the graphic. ‘I think their review was laughable,’ Brady said. ‘It’s … downright false in most of the cases. The chart depicts their health care plan as their committees developed it. The chart reveals how their health care bureaucracy works, and people are frightened by it,’ he added. ‘So this is their effort to try and discredit’ the chart.”

Go check it out to see the chart in question and make up your own mind. Looks like the PolitburoCongressional Dems don't want divergent opinions expressed. Kind of reminds me of this Austrian paperhanger I heard of once....