Wednesday, July 08, 2009

It is Now Un-American to Ask Congress to Read their own Damn Bills...

At least, that is what Henry Waxman thinks:
Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.), who has had an eventful couple of weeks to say the least, believes House Republican opposition to climate change legislation and the stimulus indicates they’re cheering against the good ol’ US of A.

“It appears that the Republican Party leadership in the Congress has made a decision that they want to deny President Obama success, which means, in my mind, they are rooting against the country, as well,” the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee chairman told WAMU radio host Diane Rehm on Tuesday morning, promoting his new book, “The Waxman Report.”

No sir, we want America to succeed as she has for 2 and a third centuries. We want Congress to move deliberately and actually take the time to read and digest bills before voting on them, or at least to have a REAL BILL in the hopper when voting on a bill, instead of engaging in phantom Bill writing as was done with Waxman-Markey and cap and tax.

It is not un-American to question whether taxing utilities to bankrupt middle class families is a good thing for government to do. It is not un-American or rooting against America to question a bill that had as one of its goals reducing dependence on foreign oil when all experts say implementation of said phantom bill will do the exact opposite.

It is not un-American to ask that members of Congress read the bills they want to pass in the name of the American people who elected them.

It is, however, un-American and techincally illegal and definitely unethical to pass bills without knowing what is in them, and also to pass bills before the provisions are written and engage in ex post facto law writing.

I guess it is ok to undermine troops in the field, bleeding and dying for your right to bloviate and take expensive congressional junkets, but God forbid you attempt to fight against bureaucrats and stuffed shirts with emptyheads who are too lazy to read much less think about a bill that doesn't even fully exist cororeally.