Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama 2004: Don't Hurry Law...Obama 2009: Git R Done Now!

In 2004, Obama railed against rushing laws through Congress without deliberation. In an Air America interview with Randi Rhodes, Obama extolled the virtues of deliberation that he now condemns as being too much of a luxury for this crisis (tm):
BARACK OBAMA: ...When you rush these budgets that are a foot high and nobody has any idea what's in them and nobody has read them.

RANDI RHODES: 14 pounds it was!

BARACK OBAMA: Yeah. And it gets rushed through without any clear deliberation or debate then these kinds of things happen. And I think that this is in some ways what happened to the Patriot Act. I mean you remember that there was no real debate about that. It was so quick after 9/11 that it was introduced that people felt very intimidated by the administration.

Here is the audio in youtube form:

This video also has Chuck Todd talking about Rahm Emmanuel ramming through legislation for Der Bamster. Note the hypocrisy....

Lie after lie after lie....STIMULUS! CAP AND TAX! I demand an investigation!

Hat Tip to Naked Emperor News. Go check it out.