Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Lied and the Economy Died Update: IT IS ABOUT HIM!

Obama yesterday on the Today Show in response to something Jim DeMint might have said about healthcare being his Waterloo:
Well, it's typical. That describes exactly an attitude we've gotta overcome, because what folks have in their minds is that somehow this is about me, it's about politics and the ability to win back the House of Representatives, and people are thinking back to 1993 when President Clinton was able to get health care and right after that the House Republicans won.

He went on to say it wasn't about him...If that is the case, then why THIS HEADLINE:
Obama may have to wait for health care passage (AP)

Funny, it would appear it is about Obama...and we know it is. It always is with his type of megalomaniac. The lefties and the MSM are trying to use the cult of personality, much like the National German Workers Socialist Party used the cult of personality of another community organizer to rush through "reforms" that in reality only eliminated freedom and engaged in political payoffs....

Let's hope that these blue dogs won't get thugged Chicago style and will stand firm against this tyranny.