Monday, July 27, 2009

Rubin: Why Obama-Gates-Crowley Matters....

Jennifer Rubin has an excellent piece up about why the whole flap about Professor Gates v. the Cambridge Police and Officer Crowley and Thug Leader Obama's reaction to it matter. She cites five reasons:
First, it suggests he is an uninformed busy-body. With a paucity of facts and no evidence of racism, he chose to opine on a local matter which otherwise would never rise to the level of a presidential issue. As Steve Chapman wrote:

Barack Obama got to be president because he had qualities Americans were yearning for after the bitter tumult of the Bush years. He was calm, sober, fair-minded, and guided by facts rather than emotions. He didn’t jump to conclusions, he didn’t ignore inconvenient evidence and he didn’t blunder into messes. That was the guy we elected last year, and right now, a lot of people miss him.

The last time we had someone this much of an interloper and busybody, Jimmy Carter was putting the Soviets in Afghanistan and the rise of Islamofascism in Iran aside to decide who was going to use the White House tennis courts....Is this really what we need right now in the economy and world we live in, a man who has no idea about a situation, yet shoots his idiotic racist mouth off about it? And regarding Mr. Chapman, if you actually read Obama's background, you would know what a micromanaging interloper he really was.

Rubin continues:
Second, he sucked the oxygen out of the health care debate at the very moment Democrats were pleading for him to become more involved. On the front pages of major newspapers, on TV news, and on every talk radio show the number one topic was: did Obama mess up on the Gates affair?

Yep, the priority on the table was healthcare and he essentially shot himself in the foot. Over the weekend, most of the news shows were leading with this Gates thing, and if not leading with it, spending the most time discussing it. While healthcare is hopefully dying on the vine, Obama decided to get his Black Panther on and fight The Man. I haven't seen a poorer performance of a guy trying to be tough since Keenan Ivory Wayans in "I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka."

Obama indisputably fanned the flames of racism and rekindled animosity on both sides by assuming or making this all about race. Juan Williams, on Fox News Sunday, did the country an immense service by recounting what exactly occurred: “The president spoke without the facts. You can’t have a ‘teachable moment’ if it’s based on a lie.”As Williams explained, in this case, the neighbor called the police, Gates began to berate the officer (“Do you know who I am?”), trash-talking about the officer’s mother and pursuing him out of the house. The black and Hispanic officers confirmed Gates’ abusive behavior, and Sergeant Crowley took out the handcuffs and warned Gates before finally having to cuff him. Williams asked, “Is this an instance of a poor black kid being beaten by the cops?” No. And in converting this into a tale of police misconduct (he acted “stupidly” Obama said) and racial injustice, Obama only re-enforced the country’s racial divide. Whites often think blacks scream racism at the drop of a hat; blacks think whites are out to get them. Good work, Mr. President.

Dang....if the President has lost Juan Williams....Wow....And the final two reasons:
Fourth, the underlying fault line in Obama’s presidency and his agenda is the growing sense that government is getting too big and is accumulating too much power. It is not just core Republicans who think government is doing too much, but an overwhelming number of independents who are irked by the Washington power grab. Obama, by meddling in a local matter and getting it all wrong, only fed the story line that he is out to boss us around, run our lives, and impose his left-wing perspective on every aspect of American life.

Fifth, Obama has fallen into the unfortunate habit of blaming others. He rails at the “Washington” chatter and doesn’t like the “24-hour news cycle.” His press secretary denies flubs rather than apologize. (What bow to the Saudi king? Nothing to see. Move along.) Once again Robert Gibbs was in full court accusation-mode, sniping at the media for making this story a bigger deal than it was. And again, even when in damage control mode, Obama couldn’t quite walk back his words. As Bill Kristol put it, “He is an arrogant man.” While he has a more sympathetic media than George W. Bush, it soon may sink in that this president is unwilling and unable to take the blame and say “I am sorry.”

Well, Jennifer, you see, being liberal, black, and handsome means never having to say you are sorry....didn't you get the memo? That is what Obama really thinks....