Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Strickland Politicizing the Budget

Ted Strickland threw a party with his friends yesterday. It was billed as a press conference, but the media in this state are so thrilled to be in T-Shirt Ted's presence it is more like a social gathering than an actual news gathering event.

Nearly every paper in the Great State of Beautiful Ohio had a headline about how the all-powerful Mighty Father Ted smacked around the helpless and pathetic Republicans in the Ohio Senate yesterday.

My favorite quote from the Tedster was this one:
"Working on this budget is more important than participating in a parade or eating hot dogs at an outdoor cookout," said Strickland. (Dayton Daily News, 6/29/09)
Of course, the governor was so interested in getting this budget done himself that he was off engaging in the very same sort of activities...

Yes, that is the governor hard at work on solving Ohio's budget problems...

Did ANYBODY in the media bother to call him out on this stuff? Not that I saw. As usual, these court jesters were willing to play the fool for their favorite political party and their so-called leaders.

Yes, this is leadership Ohio can believe in alright... A JELLO bowl on every table! If it weren't so sad it would be laughable. Strickland ought to be hanging his head in shame that he has failed on his campaign promises and drove this state deeper into the toliet. Instead, he's feeding his face and politicizing the budget.