Thursday, July 09, 2009

Voinovich on Non-Stimulus Spending Bill

“Five months ago Democrats passed a stimulus bill, which President Obama signed into law, that was supposed to be a jolt in the arm for the American economy. Five months later, unemployment has grown and American taxpayers have little to show for almost $800 billion in spending. As I indicated when I voted against the bill, the stimulus was sorely lacking in real stimulative spending.

“I thought it should have focused more on highways and infrastructure – investments that would have put people to work and continued to provide benefits well after the economy turned around. Now, the administration is again ignoring shovel-ready, job-creating projects by backing off from a reauthorization of the surface transportation bill and proposing an extension of current funding levels until March 2011. Support for a robust new highway bill is exactly the type of simulative investment we should be making.

“As the administration works to revise their ‘misread’ expectations, I will continue to fight to put federal dollars where they can most benefit Ohioans during these challenging economic times.”